Saturday, October 4, 2008

We are Arachnos

Frostgale and Slugger Boy got their Arachnos disguise. What's the first thing they do? Frostgale puts on his fire extinguisher.

While Slugger Boy dances in front of the mission door.

Sneaking around the base and stealing valuable data from those villains!!!

After mission accomplished, it's chillaxing and having discussions with the Longbows over coffee and donut. I guess super hero cops are like normal cops. They're powered by coffee and donuts.

Apparently the Lowbows enjoyed their coffee and donuts so much, that they didn't realized a lone Sky Raider managed to get into their base/Faultline dam.

Arachnos Frostgale does a bit patrolling around the perimeter.

Some random group we encountered. Why did they not see us?? T_T

Being Arachnos is license to be obnoxious so tune in for part two tomorrow. For now, I leave you a dramatic picture of Arachnos Slugger Boy.

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