Friday, October 10, 2008

Biographies and Other Text

Highly appropriate considering rabbit is going down the rabbit hole.

From one of Wid's screenshots. This always cracks me up whenever I see it.

Kinda ironic that the fire fighter's house burned down.

Oh hay, remember those cat girl pics we posted earlier? It comes with a biography!!

I was at the tailor trying to figure out what goes well with Slugger Boy's rocket boots. That wall of text is what greeted me after I got out of the customization window. If this isn't screaming attention whore, I don't know what is. Again with the misspellings.

Luckily that guy was long gone by the time I saw that wall of text, but I took a screencap of his bio when I first entered the tailor.

It's like a Raging Rabbit clone, but not really:

I bet this character is part of that cyber/roleplay group that always hangs around in Atlas Park.

Biographies that are actually good or amusing enough to me at least:

It's another clown character. I wonder if this character belonged to the same guy who has the Haha the Weatherman.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Go super villains go!! Tenderize each other so we don't have to do anything!!

Lost among all those tree, rock, fungi creatures (devoured earth).

Frostgale, what did you do to Slugger Boy?!

Took this screenshot when we lost connection to the mapserver.

Frostgale concentrating really hard.

Slugger Boy is a pinball fan... or not.

Xiao Den Den bet 1 infamy that the Arachnos soldier will win.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spider Protests

The Arachnos have arrived at Paragon City and they are not happy! They first beat the drums of war, signaling their arrival and general state of pissed-off-ness to Ms. Liberty, caretaker of newbie Heroes.

Noticing Ms. Liberty unfazed by the terrible drums of the deep, the Arachnos operatives decided to try a different tactic: a dance off!! OH IT'S ON!!

Not deterred by Ms. Liberty's cold shoulder, the boys decided to appeal to a higher power: the resident government official who is known to stand there and looking official, officially.

Again getting the ignore treatment, the boys decided a new tactic: to show off their phat moves, with hopes of getting some sort of reaction of this icy cold queen of the capitol hill.

Even the best operatives will need a shot break from all this hard work of dancing and protesting.

A new dawn is here and with it comes a new day of protesting! Protesting what, you ask? Why, protesting the lack of protests around Atlas Park! Spiders feel less at home with the lack of miserable bums protesting their commanding officers under a hail of gunfire and flame blasts.

We brought our massive signs to the Ms herself, hoping she is literate enough to read our demands. Or at least we're hoping she'd pose nude for our cause. Chicks dig guys with causes. Or so we heard. We'll throw in a dead kitten as an incentive.

Success! More protest is growing in Atlas Park! We even had a celebrity in our midst, as Mrs. Sarah "The Bloodthirsty Demonic Pitbull of The 9th Circle of Hell" Palin, joining us in our protest of the lack of protests. Truly she is a role model for the ironfist stance of ruling the plebians. I heard rumors that at night, Lord Recluse would roleplay he is Sarah Palin.

Still ignored by the Mistress of Newbness, the boys decided it is finally time for a more violent approach.

With the good day's work done, this is the boys of Arachnos, signing off. Stay sexy, America!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pinkfist 2.0 and other Atrocities

Slugger Brat, Raging Rabbit and Pinkfist having a drum pow-wow in the sewer. Yannus approves.

Robbing banks is dangerous work, and Pinkfist pays the ultimate price. Rabbit burns with fury was Slugger Brat cleans his shoes on Pinkfist's corpse.

The Phantom Odor (my corrupter) and some rikti asshole giving eachother the cold shoulder. He stood there forever before like 5 of his drinkin' buddies showed up and pwned The Odor.

The Phantom Odor lays down some fat beats in the Tiki bar.

Pinkfist activates his photoshop filter powers in the face of more Ritiki hijinx.

Craiggers was all "dude check out this NPC's face". WHY SO SERIOUS?

Some fucked up Doc Ock looking dude.

Pinkfist meet OMG I'M SO EVIL HAHA's new ultimate bot.

PINKFIST 2.0. Look how huge his hands are jesus christ

We are Arachnos

Frostgale and Slugger Boy got their Arachnos disguise. What's the first thing they do? Frostgale puts on his fire extinguisher.

While Slugger Boy dances in front of the mission door.

Sneaking around the base and stealing valuable data from those villains!!!

After mission accomplished, it's chillaxing and having discussions with the Longbows over coffee and donut. I guess super hero cops are like normal cops. They're powered by coffee and donuts.

Apparently the Lowbows enjoyed their coffee and donuts so much, that they didn't realized a lone Sky Raider managed to get into their base/Faultline dam.

Arachnos Frostgale does a bit patrolling around the perimeter.

Some random group we encountered. Why did they not see us?? T_T

Being Arachnos is license to be obnoxious so tune in for part two tomorrow. For now, I leave you a dramatic picture of Arachnos Slugger Boy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Temporary Powers and Junk

I'm quite amazed by the variety of temporary powers/aura/costume available through out the game.

Slugger Boy just leveled up so he's got the usuall auras as well as his will power related auras (not shown?) as well as the temporary increase attack rate buff (rings around the arms). Oh, personal buffs made from base salvages with the radiation emulator is great. The buffs are good for an hour and you don't need to pay any influence/infamy for them. You do need to conver base salvages to base material and power.

You gotta be kidding me. This is a joke, right?!

The Freakshow disguise looks very cheap to me. It's like someone (badly) made the costume from cardboard boxes, tin foils, and trashcans. The mohawk amused me though.

Trying to kill a few boomers to get the gold bricker badge. I was two short.

Fine, let the boy do all the work while you stand around doing nothing.

The Faultline arc was pretty interesting and the last part of the mission Doc Delilah comes along for the fun. Unforunately, she's totally useless. The boss fight was terrible because there were at least three engineers plus tons of wingman and porters. All those force field generators made the last fight super painful. I don't know why so many enemies spawned when I soloed this mission. At least I didn't die.

By finishing this mission, Sluggy Boy was "entrusted with the secret" so now he can go to Ouroboros (Flower Knight was there) to do some time travel missions. Should be fun~

Slugger Boy and his mentor dead.

When I solo, I stay alive more often than not, unlike when I'm in this level 30+ team. They invited me and SKed me, but I died two or three times in one mission. I was the only tanker so it's bad when I died because everyone else dies immediately. First time fighting pumpkins so that was interesting...