Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boombox Mod

Guys, here's a boombox mod I made, mostly from SA goons' sound mod. It only changes the boombox music and list. Installing is easy: just put the data folder in the CoH folder. To remove, just remove or rename the folder. It doesn't interfere with the game at all and yes, it includes the song Party Hard.

http://studiocyen.net/temp/CoH_boombox_mod.rar (71MB)

Now here's an image of Rabbit watching the crotch of Ghost of Scrapyard's corpse(??):

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inappropriate Dancing

What does Slugger Brat do after he gets his new outfit?

He stalks people.

Man, the first chick I found in the library end up being this ugly goth chick.

Hangs out with fat chick at the black market.

I'm surprised that there's actually someone who made a fat chick.

Takes a dirt nap in the bowel of the sewer system.

Even with brand new clothes, most things just don't change for him. Still waiting for people to show up.

Dancing in inappropriate places at inappropriate times is always fun.

My new character and Andy's corruptor celebrate after a successful bank heist. The people in the bank are absolutely terrified by our pure sinister intentions or maybe our dancing and drumming.

At least he's not dancing on some chick's boobs like certain super hero *cough*Frostgale*cough*.

I'm convinced that Slugger Boy is a pedo bait whose unknown charisma befuddles those around him and cause them all to misspell.

Thursday, September 25, 2008



Master Togo, Slugger Brat, Zombie Jubei and The Raging Rabbit Battle the forces of the undead (and lose, frequently).

Togo waits with the patience of a very old man for everyone else to rez. this was truly "rape alley."

But later, togo got his cape. big pimpin'.

But he is an old fart.


Raging Rabbit and Master Xyber Togo take NO SHIT from NO ONE.

Slugger Brat, Pinkfist, Unborn Angel and The Craigger's Robot Horde take a hot dog break.

Look at this piece of shit. That is like, the default female tempate with boobs cranked to maximum and every colored black. Pinkfist rages in the background.

Later, pinkfist rams his pink fist into a Wyvern fucker's stomach. And the wyvern loves it! :-]

Bad Names, Bad Costumes

I prepared a bunch of biographies that I've collected in the past few weeks, but first I'll show you these instead.

"Names" that confuse me. It's like some people just don't even bother to try in any way.

Guys who play CoX seemed to be obsessed with fishnet stocking.

I wonder if this character was created by an angsty kid who shops at Hot Topics.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Faultline Adventure

This is the story of Frostgale flying around in Faultline, checking out the donut shop and the not-so-friendly locales.

Hey, waitaminnit! What are those? Is that a heated outdoor pool?


Aaaah, better.

We leave you with this shot of Frostgale and Slugger Boy chillaxing at the pool. Slugger is trying to break the world record of holding his breath under water. Failing that, he'll just ask his brother, Slugger Brat, to bash David Blaine's skull in.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Where's that damn rabbit? We have to bust some heads!

Tired of waiting, Slugger Brat sulks. He misses his family or emo about not getting dates or something.

Being emo is boring, but smashing car with a baseball bat is fun.

While Slugger Brat is being a emo brat, what does his brother do? That's right, doing more sight seeing.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We salute you, America!

Oh, there's a badge at that location (on top of city hall in Atlas Park) in case you don't know.

Frostgale's Misadventures

Frostgale checking out the Ghost Ship over at Independence Port. It spews out ghost seamen for you to beat up.

The ship itself cannot interact with anything. Here's Frost flying inside the ship. Looks rather funky, like tripping on bad mushrooms.

Next up, we checked out the Giant Squid, who wasn't doing anything much, just flailing his many tentacles in a desperate attempt to get attention. I wished he'd actually, like, attack the port or something.

He looks rather harmless. Until you tried to attack him then almost got killed by a single DoT. His ink is apparently deadly to super heroes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for a MAKEOVER!

I've been wanting to make this ever since Slugger Boy hit level 20 but I'm poor. Then last night Frostgale and Slugger Boy sidekicked in a team of level 30s and both of us netted over 100k in one playing session (and leveled twice). Hello expensive inventions and second costume. :D The whole outfit cost over 30K, but it's sooooo worth it. Wid suggested a baseball cap, but that would have cost me another 20-30K so no.

Armed with a camera Slugger Boy in his new baseball uniform is ready to set sail for new, exotic location (Rhode Island) on his fancy, first class... freighter.

No More

As promised, from my collection "Sexy Ladiez of CoX."

Sexy Shanna corrupting the minds of young boys.

She looks like a transvestite or something.

Why are there so many half naked cat gurls running around? Wid got this pic while we were visiting the tailor. I think all the influences in the world can't help them look good.

Slugger Brat says NO MORE UGLY CHICKS

Rabbit Taking a Bath

He's so tiny he could fit in the sink.


City of Assholes / Meet the Pinkfist

Behold, and despair. This is Pinkfist, my new energy melee brute. i think cath's reaction when she saw him was "that was unexpected."

Pinkfist displays his namesake, and Supergroup mode.

Some bee shithead craiggers and i saw at the university.

i think these tools were named Reddid and Yelldid or something like that. Pinkfist is parked in the backround, like a huge ideling truck.

craiggers spotted this atrocity right after we saw bee guy. wow.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rikti Invasion

We accidentally stumbled across the Rikti Invasion special event as we were trying to go to Port Oakes for a mission. I tried to get a screenshot of the ship, but instead it's a picture of Slugger Brat getting his ass kicked. I took one other screenshot during the event, but it's just not as epic as I hoped. Maybe Craigger or Alison got a screenshot or two? Funny thing is this picture and the hotdog pic were at the same location but different time.