Friday, September 19, 2008

City of Assholes / Meet the Pinkfist

Behold, and despair. This is Pinkfist, my new energy melee brute. i think cath's reaction when she saw him was "that was unexpected."

Pinkfist displays his namesake, and Supergroup mode.

Some bee shithead craiggers and i saw at the university.

i think these tools were named Reddid and Yelldid or something like that. Pinkfist is parked in the backround, like a huge ideling truck.

craiggers spotted this atrocity right after we saw bee guy. wow.


SuperWid said...

Jesus christ. Pinkfist looks like he's used to fisting trucks. With his fists.

cyen said...

Oh man, I'm amazed by how awesome Pinkfist looks. The cartoony proportion is great and very unique, and I love the swirly design on the pants.

All I have to say about the other pics is BARF.