Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rikti Invasion

We accidentally stumbled across the Rikti Invasion special event as we were trying to go to Port Oakes for a mission. I tried to get a screenshot of the ship, but instead it's a picture of Slugger Brat getting his ass kicked. I took one other screenshot during the event, but it's just not as epic as I hoped. Maybe Craigger or Alison got a screenshot or two? Funny thing is this picture and the hotdog pic were at the same location but different time.


SuperWid said...

It's odd they didn't get zapped by the the Arachnos drones near the ferry?

I wish raid mobs would shoot at civilians even if they couldn't kill them. It'd be hilarious.

andy said...

man, those aliens just need to chill and have a hot dog.

craiggers was telling me about this yesterday, it sounds like it was prety awesome.

cyen said...

wid: I don't think the Arachnos did shit. I know I got killed at the entrance of the ship by a huge energy blast.

andy: Totally, bonding over hot dog is the solution to everything. It was pretty epic even though we were so confused by the whole thing. Hopefully we'll be able to do this event again.