Sunday, September 28, 2008

Inappropriate Dancing

What does Slugger Brat do after he gets his new outfit?

He stalks people.

Man, the first chick I found in the library end up being this ugly goth chick.

Hangs out with fat chick at the black market.

I'm surprised that there's actually someone who made a fat chick.

Takes a dirt nap in the bowel of the sewer system.

Even with brand new clothes, most things just don't change for him. Still waiting for people to show up.

Dancing in inappropriate places at inappropriate times is always fun.

My new character and Andy's corruptor celebrate after a successful bank heist. The people in the bank are absolutely terrified by our pure sinister intentions or maybe our dancing and drumming.

At least he's not dancing on some chick's boobs like certain super hero *cough*Frostgale*cough*.

I'm convinced that Slugger Boy is a pedo bait whose unknown charisma befuddles those around him and cause them all to misspell.

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