Thursday, September 25, 2008



Master Togo, Slugger Brat, Zombie Jubei and The Raging Rabbit Battle the forces of the undead (and lose, frequently).

Togo waits with the patience of a very old man for everyone else to rez. this was truly "rape alley."

But later, togo got his cape. big pimpin'.

But he is an old fart.


Raging Rabbit and Master Xyber Togo take NO SHIT from NO ONE.

Slugger Brat, Pinkfist, Unborn Angel and The Craigger's Robot Horde take a hot dog break.

Look at this piece of shit. That is like, the default female tempate with boobs cranked to maximum and every colored black. Pinkfist rages in the background.

Later, pinkfist rams his pink fist into a Wyvern fucker's stomach. And the wyvern loves it! :-]


cyen said...

Omg, the second CoT pic is epic!! I'm surprised that we survived most of SF only to fail at the very end.

Master Togo with cape is totally pimp. I thought the candy cane color scheme is tasty looking.

I think the lady in black should partner up with the ghghghgh guy from my last screenshot. They'll get along swimmingly with their generic characters.

SuperWid said...

Haha holy shit those are awesome! For next costume slot I propose a half naked Togo in an adult diaper. BABY TOGO!