Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spider Protests

The Arachnos have arrived at Paragon City and they are not happy! They first beat the drums of war, signaling their arrival and general state of pissed-off-ness to Ms. Liberty, caretaker of newbie Heroes.

Noticing Ms. Liberty unfazed by the terrible drums of the deep, the Arachnos operatives decided to try a different tactic: a dance off!! OH IT'S ON!!

Not deterred by Ms. Liberty's cold shoulder, the boys decided to appeal to a higher power: the resident government official who is known to stand there and looking official, officially.

Again getting the ignore treatment, the boys decided a new tactic: to show off their phat moves, with hopes of getting some sort of reaction of this icy cold queen of the capitol hill.

Even the best operatives will need a shot break from all this hard work of dancing and protesting.

A new dawn is here and with it comes a new day of protesting! Protesting what, you ask? Why, protesting the lack of protests around Atlas Park! Spiders feel less at home with the lack of miserable bums protesting their commanding officers under a hail of gunfire and flame blasts.

We brought our massive signs to the Ms herself, hoping she is literate enough to read our demands. Or at least we're hoping she'd pose nude for our cause. Chicks dig guys with causes. Or so we heard. We'll throw in a dead kitten as an incentive.

Success! More protest is growing in Atlas Park! We even had a celebrity in our midst, as Mrs. Sarah "The Bloodthirsty Demonic Pitbull of The 9th Circle of Hell" Palin, joining us in our protest of the lack of protests. Truly she is a role model for the ironfist stance of ruling the plebians. I heard rumors that at night, Lord Recluse would roleplay he is Sarah Palin.

Still ignored by the Mistress of Newbness, the boys decided it is finally time for a more violent approach.

With the good day's work done, this is the boys of Arachnos, signing off. Stay sexy, America!

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