Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pinkfist 2.0 and other Atrocities

Slugger Brat, Raging Rabbit and Pinkfist having a drum pow-wow in the sewer. Yannus approves.

Robbing banks is dangerous work, and Pinkfist pays the ultimate price. Rabbit burns with fury was Slugger Brat cleans his shoes on Pinkfist's corpse.

The Phantom Odor (my corrupter) and some rikti asshole giving eachother the cold shoulder. He stood there forever before like 5 of his drinkin' buddies showed up and pwned The Odor.

The Phantom Odor lays down some fat beats in the Tiki bar.

Pinkfist activates his photoshop filter powers in the face of more Ritiki hijinx.

Craiggers was all "dude check out this NPC's face". WHY SO SERIOUS?

Some fucked up Doc Ock looking dude.

Pinkfist meet OMG I'M SO EVIL HAHA's new ultimate bot.

PINKFIST 2.0. Look how huge his hands are jesus christ

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