Friday, October 10, 2008

Biographies and Other Text

Highly appropriate considering rabbit is going down the rabbit hole.

From one of Wid's screenshots. This always cracks me up whenever I see it.

Kinda ironic that the fire fighter's house burned down.

Oh hay, remember those cat girl pics we posted earlier? It comes with a biography!!

I was at the tailor trying to figure out what goes well with Slugger Boy's rocket boots. That wall of text is what greeted me after I got out of the customization window. If this isn't screaming attention whore, I don't know what is. Again with the misspellings.

Luckily that guy was long gone by the time I saw that wall of text, but I took a screencap of his bio when I first entered the tailor.

It's like a Raging Rabbit clone, but not really:

I bet this character is part of that cyber/roleplay group that always hangs around in Atlas Park.

Biographies that are actually good or amusing enough to me at least:

It's another clown character. I wonder if this character belonged to the same guy who has the Haha the Weatherman.

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