Thursday, October 2, 2008

Temporary Powers and Junk

I'm quite amazed by the variety of temporary powers/aura/costume available through out the game.

Slugger Boy just leveled up so he's got the usuall auras as well as his will power related auras (not shown?) as well as the temporary increase attack rate buff (rings around the arms). Oh, personal buffs made from base salvages with the radiation emulator is great. The buffs are good for an hour and you don't need to pay any influence/infamy for them. You do need to conver base salvages to base material and power.

You gotta be kidding me. This is a joke, right?!

The Freakshow disguise looks very cheap to me. It's like someone (badly) made the costume from cardboard boxes, tin foils, and trashcans. The mohawk amused me though.

Trying to kill a few boomers to get the gold bricker badge. I was two short.

Fine, let the boy do all the work while you stand around doing nothing.

The Faultline arc was pretty interesting and the last part of the mission Doc Delilah comes along for the fun. Unforunately, she's totally useless. The boss fight was terrible because there were at least three engineers plus tons of wingman and porters. All those force field generators made the last fight super painful. I don't know why so many enemies spawned when I soloed this mission. At least I didn't die.

By finishing this mission, Sluggy Boy was "entrusted with the secret" so now he can go to Ouroboros (Flower Knight was there) to do some time travel missions. Should be fun~

Slugger Boy and his mentor dead.

When I solo, I stay alive more often than not, unlike when I'm in this level 30+ team. They invited me and SKed me, but I died two or three times in one mission. I was the only tanker so it's bad when I died because everyone else dies immediately. First time fighting pumpkins so that was interesting...

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